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What is a Life Experience Degree?

A life experience degree is acquired by people who demonstrate shown great commitment in their respective field. The criteria for awarding life experience degrees involves assessment of your prior learning and professional experiences. Previous military experience, your job experience, information of your college and universities, your academic and non-academic achievements, any additional courses you have taken or workshops you have attended, community services you have performed and a lot of other things can apply. The school awarding the degree needs proof and evidence in the form of document of the above mentioned factors. If the school is not satisfied with the amount if information they may ask for more documents.

How to get a Degree Based on Personal and Professional Experiences?

The degree awarding authorities have a degree program that awards you a diploma according to the personal and professional experiences that you've had. In order to qualify for the degree you must apply and mention all of your prior experiences in your application. Some institutions do the application procedure free of charge but a few of them may ask for a registration fee which varies for different institutions. If you met all the requirements then a degree will be mailed to you in 7 - 21 working days. This time span also varies depending on the institution.

A life experience degree will permit a great deal to further your career goals that might have not been previously possible without the university degree. Nowadays due to increasing competition life experience degrees give you a great edge over other candidates. Today we have more professionals having college degrees flooding the market looking for jobs and older workers are delaying retirement in order to keep working due to the state of the economy. A degree is becoming a necessity if you want to apply for a job.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services conducted a survey using the personnel at several dozen corporations which showed that the personnel felt that a life experience degree is just as reputable as a degree from a traditional four year university or two year college.